The unique multifunctional transforming hall for 3428 people has a moving floor for various modes and configurations, 7 translation rooms.

GALA Systems moving floor, JBL sound system, folding walls, shades, and curtains – all these innovative technologies create the versatile hall. The chairs automatically turn over within 18 minutes, increasing the free space for a standing concert, an exhibition area or a banquet hall.

In just 18 minutes, a large concert hall turns into a chamber theater space or a cinema hall. The hall allows to hold both official and entertaining events.

The Auditorium is equipped with a huge HD screen 112 m2 projectors, professional stage and lighting equipment. The hall offers excellent acoustics, praised by the Azerbaijani and international music stars. The amphitheater shape, step-like rising rows of seats, significantly improves the audience perception of a stage performance.

Hall partition options:

  • The balcony can be separated by soundproof wall-screen
  • Chair rows under the balcony can be hidden by two light-absorbing curtains
  • Full seating capacity: 3428
  • Curtain-down seating capacity: 598
  • Convertible seats: 1999
  • Standing capacity for banquet mode: 3428
  • Balcony capacity: 1139
  • Seating capacity for disabled persons: 21



The hall has a partition option for an event with a small number of guests and a large stage. A special light-absorbing curtain falls down behind the 15th row at the hall’s lower part, reducing the number of seats in front of the stage to 598.


The amphitheater-shaped balcony for 1139 persons is equipped with a large projector of 8x10 m and a portable assembly stage. The space is perfect for presentation events and movie premieres.



An award ceremony or gala night with a concert program can be held at the highest level. After the auditorium is transformed from an amphitheater into a banquet space, the venue can be furnished with 94 round tables (180 sm diameter) for 10 people. At the same time, the balcony can remain as an open amphitheater or be hidden behind a wall-screen. Decorative cloud-like projectors come down below to create a chamber-like environment.



The stage consists of four moving blocks, including an orchestra pit, capable of coming up and down to different levels, including to the level of an audience area. Light and sound equipment fully meets international standards. Another available option is the installation of additional equipment to comply with a performer’s or customer’s rider. A large 94 m2 LCD monitor can go up and down with special cables. The stage is also equipped with a folding black curtain made of light-absorbing fabric. In addition, two small side stairs or wide central stairs can be attached to the stage.

There are two dressing rooms for 6 and 8 people behind the scenes. A 6-ton freight elevator is available to lift up decorations and equipment.

Standard stage area: 222m2